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What does CrasTech offer?

Linguistic advice on dealing with your Italian partners and Problem Solving

On-site audits by your Italian partners or by potential new suppliers on your behalf

Product search according to your requirements, in Italy and Germany and also elsewhere.

Technical advice, together with our partners.

Products according to drawings: gears, racks, worm gear sets, shafts, trapezoidal thread spindles, precision parts, special products according to drawings… gearboxes and motors, couplings and linear guides…

We are committed to you!

what we do

About us

  • Technical and commercial skills, with excellent language skills (German, Italian, English, French, Spanish)
  • Commitment, service and customer focus at all times
  • Openness, transparency and determination
  • Reliability, adherence to delivery dates and the highest standards of quality
  • Experience in the field:

    • Gearboxes, motors and geared motors
    • Gear parts
    • International trade
    • Audits
  • Large warehouse in Taufkirchen, sales in 2022: €1.3 million

About us

Our products

Gear parts

ISO 9001:2015 certification
EN 9100:2018 certification
ISO 14001:2015 certification
ISO 45001:2018 certification

Products according to drawing:

  • Racks, quality 10 to 5, straight and helical teeth

  • Gears, pinions and split gears for crankshafts

  • Arrow gears, eccentric wheels

  • Gears for camshafts

  • Flywheels and tooth flywheels for diesel engines and 2 and 4-stroke power generators, including ecological bi-fuel models and common rail

  • Gears, transmission gears and complete gearboxes for diesel engines and diesel/electric engines for railway applications


Electric motors (asynchronous, synchronous, AC and DC)

ATEX electric motors (asynchronous)

The motor product range includes three-phase and single-phase electric motors with single or double polarity, made of aluminum and cast iron.

We can customize the electric motors and provide our customers with customized products.

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate
ATEX Notification since 2001 (CESI 01 ATEX 059 Q)
IEC Ex Notification since 2011 (IT/CES/QAR09.0005/04)

We can offer both affordable, efficient standard motors as well as special motors according to customer specifications!

Flameproof/explosion-proof motors:

  • Ex db frame 56 to 315L (Ex db eb 63 to 315L), 2,4,6 and 8-poles

  • Power up to 200 kW on 2 and 4 poles at 50 Hz

  • 1-phase and 3-phase, single speed or double speed motors

  • Gas groups IIB and IIC

  • Versions II 2G, II 2D and II 2GD

  • Temperature classes from T3 to T6

  • Operating temperatures from -55°C to +80°C (IIB) and +60°C (IIC)

  • Available in IE2 and IE3 efficiencies (IE4 for some sizes)

  • Electrical UL compliance


Products according to drawing:

  • 100% Italian Know-How/p>

  • Design and manufacturing also according to customer requirements

  • Compliant with API, CU-TR and ATEX certifications

  • Flexible multi-plate clutches made of solid steel from 3 to 300,000 Nm

  • Complete range of spare parts

  • Self-lubricating clutch

  • Flexible cast iron couplings from 49 to 135,000 Nm

  • Multi-plate clutches with spacers

Over 60 years of know-how, fast and punctual. Advanced products with maximum transparency and traceability!


Gearboxes for:
Industrial division (worm gears, bevel gears, slip-on gears, parallel gears, angular gears), Agricultural division (gearboxes, multipliers, parallel axes inverters)

Gearboxes according to drawing
Screw jacks/bevel gears

Carbide inserts and molds

Indexable inserts for milling, turning, parting off and scarfing

  • Indexable inserts for milling

  • Indexable inserts for turning

  • Indexable inserts for parting and grooving

  • Indexable cutting inserts for scarfing

  • Special products made from tungsten carbide

Other products, standard or according to customer requirements

Power transmission technology and industrial components from a single source

From Italy:

  • Couplings

  • Seals

  • Electric Motors

  • Gearboxes and gearmotors

  • Timing belt pulleys

  • Turned parts

  • Carbide Inserts

  • Valves for Oil & Gas

  • Linear guides

Ask us, we will find the right solution for you!


We are here for you!

CrasTech GmbH
Karwendelstr. 11b
82024 Taufkirchen

Tel. +49 89 2032003-20


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