Training on the Job and Multimedia with OC Lab

Who's OC Lab?

OC Lab develops software for the management and diffusion of information and training contents with new Augmented Reality Devices:
  • Video Wall for Interactive projection of videos up to 4K
  • Holography for the projection of animated objects
  • Smartglasses for Augmented Reality and Teleservice via video streaming
  • Xplain MS software for managing websites and e-learning platform for training on the job, even from mobile devices.
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Boost your market potential

4K Director Videowall:

A "video wall" for your trade fair participation, with 4K video in the background on which it is possible to display some areas by remote control with tablet or smartphone, viewing the details of your machine or assembly. It is thus an interactive video presentation and a real EYE-CATCHER!

QuVi, the low-cost Holography:

The holographic effect is achieved by means of "stage technology-related" systems and is therefore the low-cost option, yet equally amazing remarkable!
Real objects can interact with the virtual ones and be admired from all sides.

Save time and costs in the after-sales

How To: Smartglass App for Teleservice

Smartglass oc lab

For maintenance, machine downtime, commissioning or training: look directly on the data goggles´ instructions in text form or by video tutorials and when it becomes very difficult, simply press the button and start a call to the responsible technician!

Xplain: LMS solutions and high level multimedia content for the technical support of high-tech companies

With e-learning, your after-sales service is always available and much cheaper than the "classic" after-sales, thanks to the video-based online training configuration. The video material is created directly with 4K resolution and with all the necessary clearly laid out information. A two-minute video tutorial is much more effective than traditional manuals and can be used online to attract potential customers to your business.

Please contact us, we will gladly prepare a free project offer, personally explain how it works and which e-learning adjustments for your business are essential.